These standard Blackridge Custom Arrows are handmade with the greatest attention to detail. The heart and soul of these impressive arrows are our high-quality select European spruce wood shafts.

In this standard version of our custom arrows, you select the colours for your 4" shield feathers, tapered steel points 3 D and nocks that you prefer to create a special look for your arrows. You control the construction and design of these arrows by choosing from the various feather and nock colours, spine values and peak weights to ensure consistent flight and good accurate grouping.

For the best possible performance, each batch of these arrows are spine matched to within 5 lbs and weight matched to within 15 grs. (1 gram)

  • Diameter: 11/32” Spruce Wood Shafting
  • Spine Weights: -40 - 70+ lbs
  • Points: Your Choice of Tapered Steel Point 3 D 11/32"
  • Feather Length: 4”
  • Feather Shape: Shield
  • Feather Pattern: Solid
  • Nocks: Traditional Nocks
  • Production time: Approximately 2 weeks