The Mohawk Chief is the deluxe version of our successful recurve bow from the German manufacturer Bodnik Bows. The Mohawk has triggered off an immense response and has been received enthusiastically worldwide.

The power and quality of this take-down recurve is hard to improve on. Now we have produced this successful bow in a deluxe version.

  • Bogenlänge Mohawk Chief Recurve: 60 und 62 Zoll
  • Zuggewicht Mohawk Chief Recurve: 20 - 70 lbs

You can opt for any of the selected wood combinations for your riser and have your choice of beautiful wood veneers for your limbs.

The enormous power basis of this extraordinary bow are the bamboo limbs. As well as the unique visual properties the Mohawk Chief Recurve version has 3 special features and benefits: 

  • Power Optimized Limbs

    In the production process every single limb is shaped and sanded with extra care to make sure they offer maximum performance and power transmission. Right from the first shot this performance and the shooting comfort can be immediately felt. 

  • Stable Core of the Limbs

    Utilizing special materials in the limb cores stiffens the construction and provides a low-torsion and precisely functioning limb. 

  • Customized Production

    These limbs are customized just for you and are treated with a certain priority in our workshop 

  • Quality
    “Made in Germany”
  •  Guarantee
    30 year Bodnik Bows Guarantee