Our Bodnik Bows from Bearpaw Products have earned a legendary reputation

On a daily basis the shooting characteristics of our bows and our unbeatable 30 year guarantee are impressing archers and bow hunters from all around the world. With our bow production workshop in Germany we have set new worldwide standards for traditional bows. All wood and laminates used in our bows are there for a reason. Form and function are always perfectly matched with our combinations of materials.

Behind every Bodnik Bow stands a bowyer who takes their work very seriously. Our unique reputation is earned by working with passion, experience and enthusiasm to produce each individual bow. Ultimately, only an experienced bowyer can unlock exactly the right characteristics and performance from a bow. Every single centimeter along the length of our limbs must operate in a specific way .

"We stand firmly behind every single Bodnik Bow."
( Henry Bodnik)

30 Year Bodnik Bows Warranty