Our individual Custom Arrows are handmade in our Bearpaw Products arrow workshop with great care. Every single one of your arrows deserves our special attention. We also use only the best materials in order to "build" your special custom arrows. With the Penthalon Slim Line series, we have developed carbon arrows with a great performance and quality. The flat and accurate trajectory of this thin arrow must convince every archer. Thin arrows stabilise faster and lose less energy during the stabilisation phase. The thick walls of our Slim Line carbon shafts provide the necessary arrow weight and resilience of these great carbon shafts. You can individually customise your Slim Line Deluxe Arrow with your choice from any our feather options, a wrap or even the fantastic stainless steel Protector Heads.

The classic black carbon design is indispensable in the world of carbon arrows. The monochrome look of a black carbon shaft is an expression of simple elegance.

  • available spine values: 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1300 and 1600
  • Straigthness: +/- 006
  • Quality: 100% carbon
  • Look: carbon black