Available: SKU: 10111
The Nightfire Nock will live up to it’s name! After loosing an arrow fitted with a Nightfire Nock it really shows what it can do! Powerful, bright luminosity shows the arrow flight and transforms it into a light tracer! The Nightfire Nock is an important companion for bow hunting. When shooting during dusk or at night our Nightfire Nock should be a standard part of your kit!
  • Colours: Yellow, blue, red and green
  • Content of delivery: Pack of 3 Nightfire Nocks
  • Suitability: Penthalon, Easton, CarbonExpress and all other carbon shafts with an inside diameter of .0245”
Inside the Nightfire Nock there is a micro switch which activates when the arrow is released. The nock is later deactivated by means of an arrow tip or the included metal pin. There is a small opening on the side of the nock for this purpose.