The Slim Line arrows stabilise extremely fast and promise a calm and stable arrow flight. Combined with the Half Out Insert a high FOC can be achieved and the balance point of the arrow can be moved significantly towards the point. The arrow easily forgives mistakes upon release and shows significant impact. The Penthalon Bowhunter arrow is particularly popular with North American bow hunters.

The Slim Line Bowhunter arrow is Henry Bodnik's personal favorite
The energy it stores carries the arrow over amazingly long distances and straight to the goal. The arrow is much more precise and better grouped than comparable carbon arrows. Despite its high peak weight, it loses very little in height. (Henry Bodnik)

  • Available spine values: 400, 500 and 600
  • Look: real bamboo looks (silk print)
  • Weights Half Out Inserts: 600 (105 grs), 500 (111 grs.), 400 (113 grs.)