Screw-fitting recurve riser from Ragim.

Key features:

  • Quality beginners riser with plenty of features.
  • Adjustable limb alignment system.
  • Improved grip design makes it easy to learn the correct hand position.
  • Mounting holes for stabilizers, sight and button.
  • Layered exotic wood design for an attractive and traditional look.
  • Designed for shooting with an arrow rest, or in the traditional off the shelf way to suit archer preferences.

Technical specifications: 
*based on Ragim Matrix or Wildcat limbs. See related products below.

Bow   length Riser Length Available Weights*
54" 18" 12-30lbs
58" 18" 12-30lbs
62" 20" 12-40lbs
64" 20" 12-40lbs
66" 24" 12-40lbs
68" 24" 12-40lbs
70" 24" 12-40lbs